Not All Pay Day Loans are Bad

There has been a lot a bad press lately about cash advance loans. The interest rates are high, well yes they are. But you are supposed to pay back the loan quickly. Credit cards have very high interest rates too. Not everyone qualifies for a credit card. Sometimes things happen in life like accidents or a divorce, where your credit has been hurt. Even if you are working, you can’t get credit to buy something you really need .

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I found a company called Cash Tree. They offer cash advance loans until your next payday. The interest rate is about $25 for every hundred that you borrow. They offer something that others do though, you can pay early. There is no pre-payment penalty. You can get cash advance loans online from Cash Tree and they are no fax payday loans. Who has a fax handy to send in pay stubs and bank statements? They do all the work and verify your information.

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This is not a bad deal if you really need the money for something very important. I’m glad these type of places exist for people who really need this service. Cash advance loans can be used wisely if you are careful and budget your money. You just need to pay the loan off at your next payday and don’t extend it.